Should you Splurge or Save on that Make-up?

There are so many different make-up products out there, it is seriously hard to narrow down what is what. It is also really easy to spend hundreds of dollars in one shopping trip.

Pinterest has a few fabulous pins that will help you decide when to save with a steal of a deal and when to splurge on a investment beauty product. Stunning and Saving.

Be safe about your beauty! Lifespans are generated impart because of chemical preservatives so they do expire and turn bad. The likely-hood of makeup becoming contaminated and riddled with bacteria is also a factor, so don’t risk getting sick just for laziness. According to the FDA, the optimal temperature for makeup products is 85 degrees. Leaving it in the hot sun or letting products freeze alters the ingredients, so keep them alive at 85!

Splurge or Save Pins


Splurge if necessary! Any item that directly touches the skin needs to be of great quality. Spend a little more to make sure your skin loves the product you put on it everyday. Depending on the product, the lifespan is 6-12 months! Sometimes beauty is money.


Splurge. Find the right colors and  spend money on a quality product. Blush can last up to 3 years, so this is the best investment piece in your beauty bag.

Lipstick/Lip balm/Gloss/Lip liner

Save! Lip products are only good for a short while so don’t spend the money. Get “dupes” of similar shades without the high price tag.

Loose Powder

Save! Loose powder covers of your final creation. Get one that you like, but don’t spend a lot. Finishing powder does its job without the price tag. Can last up to a year.

Eye shadow/Eyeliner/Mascara

Save! It only lasts up to 4 months! If you have to buy is 3 times a year FOREVER, you must spend less! Spend money on your daily items to get the great quality you deserve. Eye products can become bacteria ridden SUPER EASILY. Be safe and replace this products so you don’t get an infection. Do not drop serious cash on a product that expires in 4 months and you will only use once. Neutrals used everyday, splurge if you must. Crazy hot green and sparkle lilac save your dimes.

Makeup Remover

Save. Find one that works for you. There are quality products that are not harsh on your skin and really do get everything off. HOWEVER, I use Coconut Oil to get all the goodness off my skin and it is not harsh at all. Best part is that I spend eight bucks on four times the amount.


Save! Put your money back! Buy lots of little colors since nail polish starts to separate after a year or so. Spend wisely by purchasing standard sizes of your top 5 go-to colors. Make your Mani/Pedi last longer by applying a clear top coat every other day to fingers and once a week to toes.