Traveling on vacation can be more than seeing the sights, it can be a tinseltown experience. Movies and TV shows shoot all around the globe and fortunetly for fans we can have a little taste of the spotlight outside of the studio. Here are a few ways to add a touch of tinseltown when getting on the go.

Studio Tour

Making the trip to Hollywood is a sure fire way to feel like a star. Take advantage of the studio tours that show behind the scenes of the Tinseltown life. Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony and Paramount offer tram and walking tours of back lots and sound stages. The “FRIENDS” fountain, props, lighting, legendary TV and movie stages can be seen and experienced on a tour. For die hard fans of certain shows and movies there is no better photo opportunity than a studio tour.

Hop on Hop off Bus Ride

The wheels on the bus go round and round to Tinseltown. Every city I visit my favorite classic tourist thing to do is take a Big Bus tour. Pictures of landmarks are always better from the view of the out door, top level of a bus. Instagram pics are a plus, but the audio tour is the real gem. Every bus I have been on has always put the spot light on Tinseltown. Famous people, authors, poets, politicians born in the area are mentioned on the tour. The bus points out scenes from iconic TV and movies, behind the scenes of filming and history of the rich and famous. I always look for promo codes to get the Hollywood treatment on a budget.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Potterheads and major Harry Potter fans would do anything to make the wizarding world come to life. Harry Potter Studio Tour London does just that. 45 minutes outside of London, the magic is real. Walk the Great Hall, shop Diagon Ally, sip on Butter Beer see and believe all the things that make the magic Harry Potter real in a muggle world.

Harry potter fans will know that the magic words were written in Scotland. Not all of them of course, but J.K. Rowling was said to have spent many nights and days peering out in to the Scottish skyline embracing inspiration. I did my research and after a bus tour, castle tour and lunch I dragged my dad along the sites and sounds of the real Harry Potter. Pinterst had a ton of great blogs that had done the ground work of finding a bit of Harry history. There are way more things than I had time to discover in a day trip, but seeing the grave of Tom Riddle and a few names around town. Next time I visit Edinburgh I am definetly checking out the guided walking tour.