Going out with children sounds like it should be no big deal. But any parent can tell you, the high chair stage of eating can be the hardest. Here are a few products to make eating with little kids a breeze from setting the table to tummy trouble.

Memeeno Bell Band – Price: $26.95

The Memeeno Belly Band applies the optimal amount of coverage, gentle compression and natural warmth on baby’s belly. This self-heating band gives your baby womb-like security and just enough hugs around the tummy to ease out gas and relieve aches. Bands are safe and made of super soft 100% organic cotton front and back with a fleece infill to ensure optimal belly warmth and comfort.  It’s the perfect size to prevent slippage and only covers the tummy area. The perfectly crafted band helps to warm and compress the tummy to help relax baby, ease out gas, facilitate digestion, and relieve colic symptoms. The designer prints are made from 100% organic water-based dyes. This is the perfect baby shower gift for new moms. The bands fit newborn babies up to one years old.

Lil Mixins – Price: $34.99

Lil Mixins egg, tree nut and peanut powders help prevent food allergies before they start (which is between the months of four and 11). Safe for babies four months and up, just mix a teaspoon of one of the powders with baby food. Lil Mixins is a preventative product, start giving it to baby as soon as they start solids and the chances of baby developing food allergies later is slim. Use each powder 2-3 times a week. Add 2 scoops of powder into any baby food. Mix well to blend into food and serve. Organic options are available as are multi months supplies. Available on Amazon.

BABASTE – Price: $21.99

BABASTE® is designed to allow a baby to hold a bottle with little or no assistance. It has a ‘cradle’ that accommodates most bottles, assuring nurturing parents that their baby is fed . Place Babaste on a clean “GLOSSY” smooth surface. The Holder automatically repositions its original starting point whenever baby releases their bottle. The Babaste no spill design holder has a radical pivot range, allowing the baby to grab and use from any angle. Bottle placement helps develop babies and child’s hand eye coordination, independence, strength, and motor skills. Made in the USA and FULLY Patented. All Materials are USA Certified & Tested with 5 STAR Child Safety Rating.

Abiie – Ruby Wrapp – Price: $12.99 – $18.99

Patented Bib-lock protects the eating surface from external contamination Ruby Wrapp‘s eco-friendly bib, is made with high quality food-grade silicone. The patented EZwrap feature folds and secures the bib for compact storage. Travel-friendly, the bib can be folded into a space-saving compact size, as well as storing baby utensils. The ergonomic soft silicone of this bib is perfectly light and comfortable and easily accommodates all of creative movement at mealtime. An adjustable neckband has snap-in buttons that hold the bib securely in place and can be re-adjusted. The bib is dishwasher friendly and made of 100% waterproof material.