PhoenixCoyotesI love sporting events!

There is something about the exciting energy in the air among spectators that is intoxicating. Hockey, by far has the highest intensity. I Grew up loving hockey. It was the only North American team sport my dad watched. To this day I’ve  never been to an NFL game. With hockey you get the raw masculine roman warrior like atmosphere. Hitting someone at full speed into an outer board is not only a legal move but a part of the game. The warriors move faster than anyone else as they skate on the challenge element of ice while simultaneously passing an object the size of my hand between them.  Basketball uses hands, soccer kicks up the challenge using feet and hockey  goes crazy and uses only a stick. AND they are on a real time crunch to get things done. This sport is nothing short of well valued entertainment.


As a gal who likes sports, but does not breath them every day, I will still always go to a hockey game. I especially enjoy rooting for my home team the Phoenix Coyotes. As a newer team without a stanly cup in their name, the have something to prove. The hunger for a win is there. They have been literally fighting for their livelihood as the were without an owner for a few years. Now that the dust of being purchased and their fate is finally set in Arizona they can truly focus on the task at hand… Winning a stanly cup.


Do yourself a favor and go see a coyotes game. They play fast and strong. The fans love to howl. And most of all there is a ton of action on the ice. If you want to splurge sit center ice by the rink. If you’re lucky a coyote may check someone into the boards by your seat.