Learn more about Christina Deloma on a personal level with answers to a few frequently asked questions. Contact Christina Deloma for booking inquiries and to get even more information.

What does "Deloma" mean and how did you come up with that?

“Deloma” according to the legend on my mother’s side, translates to “valley” among the Mohawk Indian tribe. Deloma is actually my middle name. I started using it when I acquired a talent agent who already has someone on their roster with the same name written wise, not pronunciation. Well just about everything is set in stone via email and she couldn’t have the two of us use the same name. Instead of chopping down Christina to “Tina” or “Chris”, I went for the fresh and edgy “Christina Deloma”. Before confirming the name change I googled it and nothing came up. Good sign.

How tall are you?

5’9. My best friend is 6 feet tall and wears heels all the time so I love standing by her and being able to embrace my height in flats or heels.

How many freckles do you have?

Over 5,000, but whose counting?

Any fun nicknames?

Of course! My best friend Samantha Yanniello and I are Storm and Aqua Girl. In college I was “Sas Diddy Thuggin Duggan Malone Smith Esquire” and any and all variations of that name.

What's it like to work in TV and do you have weird hours?

TV is a dream place to be! Lifestyle topics are my bread and butter. It’s fun going to work everyday and being creative and thinking outside the box. I also learn a ton about everything from how to store vegetables to the Varsity Tuck on a t-shirt. The show I produce tapes in the mid morning so I keep pretty standard bankers hours.

Where should I go when in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Welcome to the heat! Check out a local sports teams, Diamondbacks, Coyotes, Suns, Cardinals or Rattlers. Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Botanical Gardens, Phoenix Zoo, Spring Training games, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall (I know), Scottsdale Mall, (the exterior outdoor area next to Civic Center Library not a shopping mall, yes I know it is confusing), Camelback Mountain (be safe), a local coffee shop, Cosanti, Old Town Scottsdale or Hash Kitchen. Scottsdale is larger than is looks so just ask for recommendations.

Casual or Dressed up?
Dressed up for sure. If there is a costume or theme or coordinated outfit involved don’t tell me because I go all out. I mean ALLLLLLLLL out.
How do you stay fit?

First of all, thanks for asking! Second I take a class called Cardio Dance Party by Dance Fitness with Jenny Lynne two days a week. The other days I do circuit training or walking on the treadmill. Every morning my first goal of the day is to follow along with Adrienne of Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. She deals with my unpredictable morning attitude like a champ. I’m really big into following fitness personalities and websites on social media too. Pop Sugar Fitness is fabulous as is my friend and beachbody coach Bonnie Calta.


What is the best advice you have for planning a party or event?

Two part answer because both are equally important.

1. Plot things out well in advance of when you think they need to be done. Party planning has a lot of players and things in play. Outlining all the elements and making the connections with time to spare has saved me from disaster and being stressed with an eye twitch.

2. Ask questions. This seems like an odd bit of advice, but knowledge is power. Ask things from guests, ask about details, ask about possibilities, ask about price, ask about location ask about anything and everything that could possible play a role in the success of a party. I can’t tell you how much my communication improved with everyone involved once I became “Ms. Asks a Million Questions”. Why? Because I got a million answers… and knowledge as I said is power.