Just Another Mani Monday!

April 18, 2016

If I could win a lifetime supply of manicures I would be a happy girl. Catching a glance of my hands and thinking, ” Dang they look good!” throughout the day adds a touch of sparkle to typing away at the computer. As I have been doing for the last two years I choose three colors for my fingernails. Every time my nail artist Michelle starts on the color portion the lady sitting next to me says, “Three colors?”. I, knowing that they are genuinely surprised that I somehow have a free pass to push the boundaries of color selection reply, ” Oh yes… Why choose one when you can have three?”

I was going for a dark mother earth gives birth to the brightest hot pink flower there is. Pink has not been in my nail selection roster for over a year so it was time to mix things up. All three colors are Vinylux brand.

Thanks to Bliss Spa Scottsdale for being a fantastic spa that I look forward to relaxing in as much as my wallet will allow.