Everyday Upcycle

You can upcycle inexpensive items to create useful and fun new products!

When it comes to going green, there isn’t too much persuasion needed for me move in the direction of saving mother earth. The research speaks for it self and it is only with a community effort that we can preserve our precious planet. When the challenge came to be a part of an Eco Friendly show, I was happy to do my part. Honestly, these pins were surprising.

Everyday Upcycle Pins

Watering Can

LOVED this one. So easy and serves a purpose. Instead of a needle I used a safety pin. Works like a charm!

Pillow Case Garment Bag

OK.I did buy the pillow cases as I already donated by old set to good will. Again, I bought them at a thrift store when all the proceeds go to charity to it worked out in the end. The key is to find 100% Cotton cases that are KING size. Mine were a similar color palette and pint as well so it made them look like a set. Starching the cases brings forward the garment bag look

Earring Push Pins

Talk about no work! Don’t throw away the one off earrings. Use them as push pins for your cork board! MIND BLOWN. No Pin!

Old T shirt Totes

I’ve tried making an old shirt into a tank top and it never turned out quite right. However, snipping and knotting an old t-shirt and transforming it into a sweet bag is AWESOME! I will admit that I bought all these shirt as the Auxiliary Store by my house that benefits Hospice of the Valley. I spent a little money, but it all went to charity. My roommate Kelly offered to help and well, she was fabulous! Notes: Buy a big shirt! Although the pin says a child’s shirt would work, the bag would only be big enough for a doll to carry. Shop thrift shops! I found AWESOME vintage sports t-shirts in XXL sizes! Make it a gift! I plan on making bags from college shirts that are huge and giving them to my CLU Alum pals!

Hide a Book

This one was easy, but TIME CONSUMING! I mean please! My Harry potter book is over 500 pages!!! To cut 5 at a time takes forever! Worth doing, but don’t think you can whip it in an afternoon. Hint: Glue all pages together EXCEPT first three. save those until the end so you don’t accidentally rip the page by mistake.

Wine Bottle Vase

So cute and easy. Wash a wine bottle and let it dry. Find fun taller flowers. Stick in bottle! DONE!

Clothes Pin Holder

OK. It is easier if you use a can that is similar shape to the pin. I can be done with a different shape if you have to. My version has fabric tape instead of making the flowers out of plastic. Pretty cool turn out.