I love babies! They are little miracles and the innocence of a child is so angelic that it just warms my heart. Quite a few of my friends are popping out bambinos, so I am constantly looking for fun and practical gifts to give.

When I look for what is worthy of a baby gift, I naturally gravitate for the sparkly top of the line stuff. This is how the brainchild of Royal Baby Treatment came to be. With the help of Candide Baby and Baby Brezza, I put together the top list of how to give any baby and their court, the Royal Treatment.

Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

Purees and Stream food for high end eating.

Candide Baby Group Changing Pad Deluxe

Easily transport the throne wherever baby goes.

Candide Multi-Relax 3-in-1 Maternity Pillow

Live in the lap of luxury for mom and baby.

Candide Baby Smart Mat Play Mat

Invite the royal subjects to play anywhere in the world!

Candide Baby 25 Degree Cot Wedge

Hang out safely and securely in the perfect position

Candide Baby Smart Armchair with Spare Blanket

If another heir is on the way everyone will have a glorious seat for years to come.