Expand the rainbow.

It’s super easy to get caught up in only creating green things for St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish celebration is one of the few holidays that has quite a few themes to work with so use that to your creative advantage. When choosing key words to search here are a few suggestions: pot of gold, luck, four leaf clover, rainbows, Ireland, blarney stone, leprechauns, shamrocks, Celtic, red hair, emerald isle, river dance, ETC. By searching for words individually without the phrase “St. Patrick’s Day” more options come up. As a result, the craft or goodie bag someone made for a rainbow birthday party appears too! Yeah for lots of options!

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

St. Patricks Day Shamrock Wreath

Shamrock Wreath

Décor that Sham “ROCKS”! I took a bit of creative liberty with this wreath. Whenever I do a Pinterest segment that involves a craft I try to make sure that things are as cheap as possible. Anyone who frequents Michaels as much as I do knows the value in “60% Off” signs and their online coupons. St. Patty’s day items were 40% off the day I shopped, so the pickings were a bit slim. I was, however, able to snag quite a solid deal of a craft kit. This was the best deal because it had the most pieces, in the shape I was looking for, in a variety of colors. Initially I had wanted a slightly larger Shamrock cutout, but after assembling I liked the smaller size. The burlap was on sale, another 40% off, Burlap ribbon was on clearance and I used a 50% off coupon to buy the full price floral wreath. The white top sewing pins were full price, but worth it! Click on the pin for the full details, but here are my tips. To measure the burlap base I wrapped a burlap piece around vertically to make a perfect circle and used a glue gun to secure the two ends together. When placing the cutouts I initially only did one layer, but after seeing that it looked a little flat, I opted to do an additional layer on the inside.

Green mason jars

Pot of Gold Center Piece

Center Piece: This one was my own creation because I had done the tissue paper in a Mason jar thing before. Items needed: green tissue paper with sparkles, Clean mason jars with no lids or caps, One Spoon, for assistance, 3 gold coins per jar, One tea light per jar.

Here is how to assemble: Rip regular sized tissue paper in half, grab one section from the center, form together like putting paper in decorative bag, Place tissue paper in middle of jar, Insert a spoon into the middle of the paper in the jar and gently expand the paper from the inside to fit the shape. Place gold coins on outside of paper. I like that the jars can be turned on with a tea light in the center for a cool glowing affect, if desired.  Done and Done.

St. Patrick’s Day Food

Cucumber shamrock

Shamrock Appetizer

Green Appetizer: I was looking for a frugal pin that was easy and this was a lucky find! Thinly sliced cucumber in the shape of a shamrock. WOW! So easy and takes no time! Should only take one cucumber, but could do two depending on slice thickness.

St Patricks Jello Parfait

Jell-O Parfait

A simple and elegant dessert listed on Pinterest, I love that Jell-O can hold its shape and even more that I learned a new way to do it! Adding a liquor to the Jell-O would make it an adult beverage. Adding richer whip cream would make it more decadent. Hiding a few treats in the Jell-O would make it fun to eat!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

Colorful Photo Booth Backdrop

Rainbow Photo Booth

I LOVE THIS PIN! It was so easy. String tablecloths together and you have a backdrop! I will say that you may have to go to different dollar stores to get the tablecloths you want, but it is oh so worth it!