Double Double Toil and Trouble. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble. I absolutely love Halloween and all the spookiness that comes with it.

When I was little I LOVED carving pumpkins. Getting messy and eating the delicious seeds, count me in. Now, however, my princess status has led me to look for no-carve pumpkins. Devilish drinks and treats combine with a spooky tablescape to create a spooktacular Halloween.

Costumes are so personal and subjective, I thought it best to pick a few spooktacular pins that turn the flashlight on other haunted aspects of Halloween.


Lovley in Lace

LOVE this one best. Cut a portion of lace or fishnet patterned tights. Wrap the pumpkin in the cut out and fasten it with a clear elastic band.

Sparkly Spider

Break out the sequins and make the pumpkin shine. Create a web pattern out of your favorite color of sequins or rhinestones and add a sparkly spider.

Beautiful Bat

Any rhinestone decal will do for this one. Just stick it on the pumpkin and add stronger glue to anchor it to the crevasses.

Gauzy Glow

Using cheese cloth, starch and googly eyes, this pumpkin turns mummy and can glow in the dark if you add glow paint.


Tablescape presentation is high on the list of Halloween must haves. If we go all out in costumes the décor has to be just a bootiful.

Bloody Candles

WOW, this pin turned out better than I had hoped. Buy a thin red candle and two large table size candles. Melt the red candle drops onto the white candles. Bloody scary candles in a heart beat.

Watermelon brain

I will let the pin explain this one. I would suggest a bigger watermelon or maybe other melons too. Do this the day of so it looks as fresh as possible.

Devilish Drinks

Any great party has great drinks. These three pins are sinful.

Bloody Cups

Using red gel icing, line the top of any glass. Add blood lines on the inside so the cup isn’t sticky and the impact is still scream worthy.

Shrunken Heads

One of my favorite pins of all time! Peel and slice apples. Carve face and bake in the oven. Once done, add cloves. Apples are now things of a voodoo daddy.

Icy Hand

Fill a powder free non-latex glove with water and a squirt of cool-aid. Fasten with a hair tie. Prop the hand in the freezer overnight. Cut the glove and slide it into your punch.


Apple Nachos

Delicious and not half bad for you. Presentation is so easy and if you need a last minute, “ I need to bring something?” dish, go for this one.

Body Part Jello

Gummy body parts are hard to find. Safeway had them, but I think a drug store will have a better selection. I used more jello than suggested and the impact was greater.

Mummy Sticks

Followed this pin to the T. Having a silicone bake sheet works better than parchment paper. EVERYONE loved these. Out of all the pins this one turned out the best AND was the easiest to make. DO THIS ONE.