As a native of Arizona I have been to my fair share of Cactus League Spring Training games. Over the years I have learned a few things to make the season a home run.

Spring Training Field

Dedicate an Entire Day.

Games are all day things. There are still the same number of innings when it comes to Spring Training baseball games so don’t think that they won’t last just as long. Games are played early afternoon through the evening hours leaving plenty of time to do an activity before or after. People who travel for games usually LOVE baseball, so the hype is on high. Get in the spirit by sporting the shirt, hat and glove. Leave plenty of time to get an autograph and go the extra mile to see your favorite teams. And whatever you do make sure to enjoy the food and drinks at the park. 

Practice Sessions

Take in a FREE game. If money and time are issues there is still a chance to see the dream team. On off days teams still practice. Take in a free scrimmage game and see the up and coming player or newbie on the practice field. The San Francisco Giants play at Scottsdale Stadium, but they don’t practice there. Their practice facility is on Camelback Road and Hayden in Scottsdale. Park and walk into the bleachers FREE of charge. Research online where the practice facilities are and if they are open to the public.

Scottsdale Trolley

Ride the Trolley

I’m a Scottsdale Gal, so I know a thing or two about Trolleys. In Scottsdale there are three Trolleys; Old Town, Resort and Talking Stick/Salt River. The Old Town Trolley will shuttle guests around Old Town near Scottsdale Stadium where the Giants play. Resort Trolleys are a select few which usher guests from various resorts to near by ball parks. This is true in Scottsdale and is represented as a shuttle service to resorts and hotels that are near parks in different cities. Talking Stick/Salt River Trolley is designated to the Salt River Fields park, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. It has select stops for guests of the game at that park only. Did I mention that these trolleys are free? Yep! Walk, take a trolley, walk. So easy there is no excuse not to.

Sit on the Lawn.

The cheapest and I would say truest experience is to get lawn seats. Nowhere else in baseball is there community seating other than Spring Training games. Make new friends, people watch, feel the good vibes of fellow fans. There is something magical about sitting on a blanket, toes in the grass, seeing a ball caught feet away while munching on ball park food and sipping a cold one. Doesn’t get much better than that. Get to the lawn early to snag VIP seating!

Find the Team Hangout

Thankfully there are enough bars and restaurants to go around so that every Cactus League team can have one. Die Hard fans can rejoice in knowing they can bond over their team with like minded people. This element adds to the experience of Spring Training. Sitting and watching a game where the majority of the patrons are invested greatly into the game is a fantastic time. People can get insane when a team makes a fantastic play or better yet wins an entire game. Even better, for the deal lovers, fans of the teams may receive a special priced menu! Bars in the area promote team spirit on their Facebook pages and Yelp can also assist is figuring out which venue is dedicated to a particular team.

Get a discount!

Arizona has a ton of shopping options and a lot of stores want fans to show. Ticket stubs can be used for receiving a discount! Individual stores and even some entire shopping centers are offering pretty reasonable discounts for regular priced items! Keep the stub and get a discount!

Legacy Trail

Cactus League Legacy Trail

A self guided tour of 13 memorabilia collections around Goodyear, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale the trail is a must do for even a casual baseball fan. Encompassing Arizona’s baseball history, the tour showcases the first uprising in 1946 to how baseball in desert is today. Three stops include unique items from the Cactus League Hall of Fame!