June 2016 Online Trends

Certain things catch a high wind online and are what everyone is talking about. Here are June 2016 Online Trends for fashion, food and fun!

Mermaid Tail Blanket Pinterest Feed

Online Trend: Mermaid Tail

Becoming a beautiful creature of the sea is all the rage! The Mermaid tail is not just for swimming but for sitting. Slipping on a tail for a cozy night on the couch is a must do. It’s the best of both worlds really. Swaddle your legs so they are snug while leaving your arms free to roam the sea. The tails come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials and lengths, so anyone can become a mythical mermaid.

For those that want to make a splash, Phoenix resorts are currently offering mermaid swim lessons. Kids and adults can slip on a tail and test their ability to keep up with Ariel on her home seafront.

Slinky Slip Dress

Slinky Slip Dress

Girl wearing Choker

Choker’s Are Back










Online Trend: 90’s Looks

All that and a bag of chips! 90’s trends are totally making a comeback. Remember the crop top? Celebs and Super models are sporting tiny t-shirts known as “baby t’s” now. Instead of tying them in the front or making them shorter, take your already owned vintage t-shirts and bundle in the back to show some skin.

Next up is the comfortable, but not quite as easy to pull off, slip dress. Why fuss with buttons, ties or belts when a dress can be slipped on? Of course today’s version is made of satin and consists of a unique texture element or pattern. I’m sure they’re very chic but probably not the easiest thing to pull off.

And the accessory that has managed to take a hold of the fashion industry and drag itself to the top is the choker. Black and skinny is the old standby, but today’s chokers are a little more elaborate. Add a festive trio of pins to the accessory or sport an oversized textured neck piece of jewelry to be considered on trend for today. Once again teenage angst is an emotion reflected in American fashion.

Woman applying onions to eyebrows

Onions Grow Eyebrows

Online Trend: Onion Eyebrows

Thin was in. Then it was cool to be full. Now the trend is naturally beautiful brows. Slicing an onion is the full proof way to pump up brows. Slice an onion and administer tiny snippets to open up the juices found in the vegetable. Then rub the onion on the eyebrow which is thought to stimulate hair growth. Yep. Normally the idea is to keep the onion away from the eyes to avoid crying, but for this purpose placing and rubbing the onion right on the eyebrow is the way to get growth.

Bullet Proof Coffee graphic

Bullet Proof Coffee

Online Trend: BulletProof Coffee

Harry Potter fans are familiar with Butter Beer, but how about butter in coffee? BulletProof Coffee is said to have health benefits and be chalk full of nutrients. Step one. Brew and pour your favorite cup of coffee. Step two. Add 1 stick of Grass Fed Butter. Sip and enjoy. WHAT?????? Who is doing this?

The Grass Fed Butter is said to have ideal fatty acid properties. Butter has more carotenes than carrots and is high in vitamin K2, vitamin D and E. I did learn from a bit a research that Grass Fed Butter is the traditional color of sunny yellow from the nutrients. Getting an almost white butter can mean the cows were not Grass Fed and in turn the butter properties may be deficient of nutrients. But hey, some people shoot for the stars in the morning and are drinking down their fatty acids with the creamy concoction of BulletProof Coffee.


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