Hello plane ride! Traveling to fantastical destinations is a must. The hour and hours of being stuck in a plane can be a bust. On my latest adventure to Australia I was on a 14 hour plane ride and learned a thing or two about what necessities make flying in the sky a little more bearable.

Here’s my carry on packing list
Toiletries: Take it all. Having the comfort of knowing all the little things that make a person feel like a person is priceless.
Organized Bag: LOVE my Kate Spade toiletries bag. Everything has a place. Reaching under the seat ahead of me for my face mask is quick and easy.
Snacks: A little sweet, a little salty, dessert or just a snack, munch on something that is guaranteed to be tasty. My go to snacks are granola bars, trail mix packets, a sweet or two, BLT sandwich if I’m really hungry, Take only what you will eat, especially is headed overseas. Customs is no joke when it comes to outside food. My go to food is Granola Bars, Nature Made Bars, Lay’s Chips, Kit Kat Bar, Giradelli Chocolate.
Dryer Sheets: The pillows and blankets on board are full of static. Wipe them down with a sheet. Static be gone and the familiar smell of fresh laundry be present.
Peppermint Oil: If there is anything that can alleviate the queasy feeling of a rocking plane take it. For me, pepper oil does the trick. I use it for motion sickness and headaches. It’s a long time to be in one place. Suffering through it is not an option.
Comfy Items: A scarf, a light jacket, cozy socks. Bring a comfy item or two that will make things a nice environment. If its watching a movie for an hour or two or sleeping on a long flight, being in clothes that allude to relation will be a much appreciated bonus to the long ride. I like my Levi’s Denim Jacketinfinity scarf and cozy socks.
Bedtime Routine Items: For flights where sleep is a must, being able to stick with the routine is helpful. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on my favorite bliss spa lotion and Vaseline lip therapy on. Getting ready for bed like normal, adds to the likelihood of getting sleep like normal
Outside world blockers: Black out sleep mask, ear plugs, or ear buds that play music. Anything that can help block out the reminder that there is another person sitting inches away helps a great deal
Electrolytes: Emergen-C or Naan tablets are my favorites. I put one in a reusable water bottle and add the bottled water they serve on the plane. It helps combat the many germs and is a efficient way of hydrating since recycled air has no moisture. I try to finish two bottles worth if a flight longer than 7 hours.
Hydrating Face Mask: Tony Moly brand is my new favorite. Supermodels swear by it to reduce puffiness and dry skin. It totally works. My friends could believe that I sat on the plane for 30 minutes watching Fantastic Beats and Where to Find them with a full face mask on. So easy and refreshing. I felt and looked like a person who could keep going after landing, rather than one who was no presentable to the word.
Hand Sanitizer: Germs are everywhere on a plane. Wipe down the arm rests, tray and anything else might have been touched.
Ear Buds: Watch movies, listen to music, pretend to be asleep. These are a must when it comes to entertainment on a plane.
Magazine and Book: Looking at a screen for hours on end can put major strain on the eyes. I read VOGUE and The Hundred Foot Journey.
Headband: Sometimes I need my hair out of my face. Soft big headband does it.
Happy Flying!
Christina Deloma