I’m OBSESSED with Scented Candles!

Set the mood right with a flickering flame! Besides seeing if a room is a mess the first thing I notice when I walk into a room is the scent. It can make or break an experience. I used to walk right by the candle section of a store. But not anymore. I have turned into one of “those” people. Let me tell the haters it’s nice to be transported somewhere else while shopping. Stop by the candle section and take whiff. Do it once and you can never pass a candle section again without opening a jar of possibilities.

Candles I LOVE

Island Margarita: Found at Bath and Body Works I take a vacation before I go to sleep because this candle is on my night stand.

Island Margarita Candle

Island Margarita

Marshmallow Pop: Target yall! This is in my bathroom on my decor shelf. Smells like the moment when a marshmallow is just right for the picking off a campfire stick. Delicious.

Marshmallow Pop Candle

Marshmallow Pop

Home Sweet Caramel Comfort: Bath and Body works strikes again. I love sugar in any form. Including candle. When this candle is flaming and the wax is melting is smells like the sweet inside of a caramel shoppe. This candle sits on my vanity by my sink.

Home Sweet Caramel Comfort Candle

Home Sweet Caramel Comfort

Check out my OBSESSED with Scented Candles video on YouTube!