Karen Hall is a fabulous make-up artist. She takes people to A+++ on air! I’m so lucky to have had a make-up lesson from her!

Tips I loved

Blush: Start at the hallow part of your cheek not the apple. Work your way down. Blend up into the face to allow for contouring.

Highlighting: Add a little brush or bronzer to where the sun hits. A slight stroke will add depth to the face. Places to hit: outside above the brow, top of the forehead in an upside-down small triangle to the middle, on top of the nose and under the jaw.


Lips: Line the lips from the outside and work in. ONLY use lip gloss on the center of your lips. When gloss goes to the outside it bleeds the line of your lips.

Eyes: JET BLACK eyeliner only. Add darker neutral color to the hood of the eye right under the brow bone to give more depth to the eyes.

Neck: Use a slight combo of blush and bronzer


My tips that I use everyday!


I’m getting the hang of re-creating the look! It’s taking some time, but it has made a HUGE difference!

If you are in the mood for a lesson for day, night, work, on-air make-up get a lesson from Karen Hall.