Mother Nature is my muse this week because I’m OBSESSED with Stone and Gem Necklaces.

When choosing what items go together for an outfit my mind goes blank. Somewhere I read that colors found in nature go perfect together in fashion. I use that rule quite a lot when trying to come up with what pieces pair well together. FINALLY I realized that the same applies when choosing accessories. Taking it literally, I am big into wearing pieces that are physically found in nature. Stones, minerals, elements etc.

What sparked my new found stone appreciation was a gift from my best friend Samantha of Little House in the Big D. Along with getting me a monogrammed purse for my birthday, she also snagged a fantastic gem stone necklace. This type of accessory is not an accent piece but a statement piece. Hanging from a simple and classic gold chain the purple stone is like a magnetic field pulling my entire look together. It changes my way of only thinking what goes with the comfortable shoes I want to wear. Instead I plot my way around the necklace I enjoy wearing.

Samm’s gift lead me to rekindle an old flame I almost forgot. Years ago, after my grandmother passed, I was rummaging in the jewelry box my mom had collected from her. My mother is a silver or gold small hoop earring lady, so she didn’t have much use for the overwhelming amount of eclectic pieces my grandmother collected. I had discovered that after the years of my grandma making all my clothes we, oddly, had the same sense of style. Besides her hand strung pearl necklace, I loved her intricate piece of turquoise with smashed gold leaf.  Her linage is part Native American and the beautiful stone was a lovely representative of her heritage. Once I found a new love of cut stones, I went into my precious VIP jewelry box and found a revived fondness of the turquoise stone.

Color, texture and a hint of natural pizazz I’m OBSESSED gem and stone necklaces.