Plan your next party with Pinterest! My favorite place to do research is full of great inspirations for parties! I think that second to recipes, the ideas for party projects is the biggest category on Pinterest.

I want to thank my cousin Torsten for liking Minecraft, Zander for loving trucks, my nephew Eric for playing Minecraft, my niece Riley for writing that I was more interesting than Minecraft, Riley and her sister Molly for being little Princesses who love Frozen and for my nephews  Chris and Nick for letting me decorate their graduation parties! It is only because I have a huge family that I had a lot of fun doing this segment AND had a lot of ideas right off the bat. Here is what I came up with!

Whatever you do have fun! Pinterest has so many ideas that it is pretty easy to get carried… look at how many things I made for my teacher’s gift segment! Stick to one theme or one project that you ( A) will have time for (B) have the budget for (C) will be fun to accomplish. C is really important because throwing a party should be special not stressful.

Personal Party Touches


This party is sure to please the video gamer birthday kid. There are countless crafts and creations with Minecraft in mind. To add a personal touch I would create a Minecraft cake. There are two options. First, traditional green theme cake with birthday greeting in writing. Get to the next level by adding figurines of the game as non-edible decor. Second, find a fun image online and personalize it with a birthday wish. Email the image to your local baker and they can print it on sugar paper. The  store gives you the print and you place it on a flat sheet cake. Cons of the traditional cake are that there is a ton of frosting, not a big frosting fan, and you’re trusting a stranger to get the spelling correct. Cons of the sugar sheet are that it is FLIMSY. Tears are almost guaranteed and if you are doing it last minute I would suggest finding your center with a Zen moment before applying the paper to the cake, to make sure tears are at a minimum.

Monster Truck

This crazy driving party came to me courtesy of my cousin Zander. He is the kid that LOVES being outside and working with his hands. Add a personal touch to a Monster Truck party by taking more time with the goodie bag. Even adding a label or name tag here or there can make a difference. adding items that are a personal color or size bring the party home in a positive way that lives on. Small gesture grand effect.

Royal Affair

I love this one! The anticipation of a royal ball begins with the invitation! It’s a cool keepsake that is full of possibilities.  Take it back to the days of handing out scrolls and writing in calligraphy. Get the “Wow” moment out of the way by hitting hard, fast and fierce with a Royal invitation.


If you have ever looked up “Frozen Party” on Pinterest then you know… you just know. Break the ice with a Frozen Photobooth. Use props that you have on hand to create a personal and memorable pic. I used a few cropped jackets, furry vests, silver jewelry and scarves. Foam swords make a photo booth pop and bring action! Making a photo backdrop is easy! Use winter themed wrapping paper or sheets to hand up. Work your creative side by adding blue streamers or winter decor that you use in December. If buying a backdrop if more your speed, they make cool ones at Target for about $10 and Michaels has cling decals of character cut outs that will set the scene over the top.


Everybody graduates sometime from something. My nephew Nick graduates from High School this year and I wanted to get him something that he can take with him. The keepsake of putting a large signable frame around a picture is just right! I am going to put his name below the school’s crest in the picture spot. Guests at the graduation party will sign the frame and he will have a memento of the party to keep forever!