Ice Trays are good for more than ice! In fact, there were more than 40 uses for ice trays of all types on Pinterest.

First things first, owning both plastic and silicon ice trays is a must. Did you know that even the generic plastic ones come is more than one shape? Super cool to find that out! Let’s get started with my top news ways to use ice trays!

Fun Food and Drinks

Chai Tea

Chai Tea – As an avid Chai Tea drinker I am in love with this pin! Pour the Chai concentrate into the molds and freeze. Put cubes is glass, add with milk and of course Carmel sauce and take a sip of Thanksgiving in a glass!  My best friend Samm of Little House in the Big D would appreciate the lack of actual ice to make this drink!  Little house in the big d website

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Yeah!!!! Homemade gifts! The recipe for this pin is super cool! I only had an owl mold so I had no choice but to rename it Hoot Chocolate on a stick. I will say that a little goes a long way and this is legit hot coco.


If you can’t finish the entire bottle keep it and freeze it! Make a flavorful and strong Sangria by ditching the water ice and opting for wine! I would suggest using the long and skinny mold as opposed to the traditional so it fits nicer in a glass. Pour wine into molds and freeze. They are really easy to pop out so keep them frozen until the last possible minute. I can tell you right now that my mother the wine drinker and sangria guru is popping bottles right now.

Blue Berry Jello Jigglers

Now THIS is a Jello shot! I wasn’t sure how getting Jello out of a mold was going to work, but it is sooooo easy! Do as the directions say. Love that I could add any type of fruit or liquor! These look like champagne, but you only need a beer budget!

Party Bark

If you are looking for a last minute dessert this is pin for you. Using silicone trays, melt chocolate and create a thin bottom layer in the mold. Sprinkle easy toppings onto the chocolate layer and gently press them into to the chocolate. Let the creation set in the fridge for at least 4 hours. DO. NOT. FREEZE. Gently peel the silicone back from the back and display on cute tray! I used what I had on hand in my pantry for toppings so this one is cheap and easy.

Herbs in Olive Oil

Shout out to Doreen Angarano of Reflections in Dance for telling me to freeze my herbs years ago! Never doubt an Italian mom! Taking her inspiration a step further, put your herbs in olive oil and let them freeze. Pop out what you need when you need it! Use the skinny tray for this so you don’t have to cut anything up!