I’m OBSESSED with Chain Necklaces!

Chain Necklace 3

Gold and Black Chain Necklace

In my constant desire to be perceived as both feminine and a Bad A$$, ladies know the struggle is real, wearing the right fashion accessory is tough. It needs to go with everything. Flatter a delicate tulle skirt while not looking out of place. Act as a statement piece that gives a tough yet girlie vibe to motorcycle boots. In essence, the accessory needs to express my ability fill a flat tire in 5 inch heels. A piece of jewelry like that is something to be cherished. Enter chain necklaces.

Types to go for

Chain Necklace 1

3 Tier Gold Chain Necklace

Three tier small link

Mine is gold! Gold goes with everything! The small chains let the necklace act as an accent to an outfit. The subtly of the piece adds a “pop” of edge to the look. Its simple so prints go well and solids look tastefully styled. I like to pair it with solid color feminine dresses to give sass to a otherwise sweet as candy outfit. The necklace also compliments a colored shirt. Years ago I saw YouTube sensation and Show Host Grace Helbig wear a textured and mix material necklace under a collared shirt. The look was perfection. Although conservative, the necklace rocked an otherwise business look to cool and edgy. Yesss Kweeeen.

Chain Necklace 4

Mixed Metal Chain Necklace

Woven Chain Links

Talk about a statement piece. This necklace is bold. It reminds me of a red carpet look because the necklace MAKES an outfit. As one solid piece the necklace pumps up a look. I’m into juxtaposition when it comes to styling this necklaces specifically. Coordinating with a feminine dress or skin tight outfit is the way to go. Oh… did i mention its gun metal black? Not subtle in any sense of the word. But dang does it look fab when I wear it.

My favorite styled look with this necklace was an all black look. I missed the black dress memo for my dear friend Kristen K’s bachelorette party. That in itself is mortifying for me as I LOVE coordinating group outfits and pride myself as being a team player to the 10th degree. At the last second, I found a tight  black tank top. It ripped as I pulled it on. Not a small rip either a GIANT diagonal gash across the front.  I paired it with my black skort. Yes a skort. The skirt and shorts combo. Using my chain metal necklace to give the outfit a focal point the look came together. I need to note here also that we all wore hot pink wigs as well. Pink wig and a misfortune turned miracle I give full credit to the necklace.

Chain Necklace 2

Mixed Material Chain Necklace

Mixed Metal Material Necklace

The necklace I get the most compliments on, is one that features multiple chains, colors and materials. This was my first piece given to me by my Best Friend Samm of Little House in the Big D. For versatility this is the best piece. It has a soft satin black ribbon woven between silver chain links surrounded by two different strands of beads and another sized metal chain link strand. Its subtle, but it stands out. Anyone could pull it off and any outfit would benefit from the piece.

I’m OBSESSED with chain necklaces! Once put on, I bet you will be too!