I’m obsessed with Peppermint Oil!

On occasion, I get a headache. Could be from looking at a computer screen or maybe that I clench my jaw when stressed. The last thing I want to do is turn to a pill to fix the problem. My thought process is that the headache is most likely a result of a natural occurrence. Therefore, I would like to combat it a natural way without ingesting something. Enter Peppermint oil.  With a calming and soothing aroma, peppermint oil does the trick.

Putting a few drops on my temples, jawbone and wrists, I am relaxed and exhale a sigh of being pain free within 15 minutes. There will be a “zing” feeling on the area the the oil was directly applied. A little goes a long way so only one or two drops are necessary. Make sure if you put it on your face to not go near your eyes.

I’ve recently got into the habit of using the oil 10 minutes before I go to bed. It is really relaxing and helps my mind unwind. I’m obsessed with it.

Peppermint Oil Bottle

Peppermint Oil

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Found at Sprouts Farmers Market in the vitamins section. I would suggest waiting until the natural oils go on sale. Usually once a month.

Tip: Instead of keeping an acetaminophen at work I have peppermint oil! Smells great and works like a charm if I feel a headache coming on!