I’m OBSESSED with the KABUKI Brush!

Let’s get it out there that makeup is not my forte. Having danced at a dance studio most of my life and performed on stage around the US, one would think that I would have all the tricks of the trade down by now. Not so much. Blush and cheeks in particular are my downfall. I’m fairly fair skinned. Haha. Freckles and all. Its hard finding the right shade, but most difficult are the placement and amount to put on. Should I apply on the apples of the cheek or only under the cheek bone? Where does the bronzer go? How much is too much? So I have blush on, but now I look like a Russian stacking doll with prominent cheeks. Ugh. And blending is a task that I need to go back to school to learn how to do. But of course there is the one brush that makes applying blush a breeze… the Botan Kabuki Brush!

Love saying Kabuki. The brush is a blending brush for the cheeks. It comes in varied sizes. Has a ton of brissels placed in a rather wide circle. It works by every so gently blending both blush and bronzer together. Starting at the top of the cheek bone closest to the ear blend upward in small circles with the blush. Moving along the hallow of the cheek bone towards the nose, continue the small circle pattern. Once arriving at the apples of the cheeks, expand the circular motion to cover the entire apple of the cheek. There is NOTHING on the brush to start. It blends what is already there. After covering the desired area of blush admire how there are no streak of pink! Tada! Perfectly blended blush and bronzer into one glamorous makeup look!


Botan Kabuki Brush


Wide Brush Coverage










Yachiyo Kabuki

I will say, after blending more blush or bronzer may need to be added to get the desired look. Gently apply additional color to where it should be. I use the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush to glide on the perfect amount of blush and define the cheekbones. Cream based makeup WILL NOT be blended with the brush only powder based. Awesome to designate what gets blended!


Yachiyo Kabuki Brush


Use for Additional Makeup










Tricks of the Trade

As a gal on television, I also use a Kabuki brush to apply translucent powder. Ever see anyone on the tube with shine? They are not wearing powder. Translucent powder absorbs the moisture. New TV folks make the mistake of wearing a cream or liquid based makeup only. It has lots of shine. The hot lights reflect off the liquid. There fab makeup job is hindered by the shine. ALWAYS have a powdered finish. Not too much, but to take the glimmer out of the look.

What I use

Botan Kabuki Brush: NARS Botan Kabuki Brush (Blending Brush)
Yachiyo Kabuki Brush: NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush (Defining Cheekbones After Blending)
Blush: NARS Orgasm
Bronzer: NARS Lauguna
Translucent Powder: Rimmel Stay Matter Pressed Powder Transparent