Oh Postinos how I love thee,

My school girl restaurant food crush is leaning toward stalker status now that Postino Highland opened up walking distance away. It’s like a shimmering diamond in the sea. I see it, I don’t need it, but I must have it no matter what.  My crew of Kelly, Kathleen and new to the scene Bonnie, hit up the preview party to see if my crush would deliver on my high hopes. Let’s just say the new kid in town is going to get more than just my affections.


Love it. Convenient and easy to get to. It’s right on the corner of Highland and Scottsdale Road. Passerby’s can be drawn to the yellow glow of the Postinos sign like moths to a flame. Coming from the South, the parking is easy to get too as the main lot entrance works in favor of traffic. Coming from the North is a bit tricky. Although there is a light to turn left, it may be easy to miss. But this is my hood. Of course I knew an adjacent parking lot that is only steps from the entrance. Wherever you are Postinos I will find you.


The building was made to be a restaurant. Not really. It was built in 1967 as Valley National Bank of Arizona.  But it evolved into an ideal mid century structure for people to spend some green instead of save it. The layout lends itself to electric seating areas, a bar scene that works from day to night and not one, but two distinctly different patios. A unique layout to the old town Scottsdale foodie scene.


In a perfect world I would try everything on the menu at Postinos. Maybe the position of Taste Tester will open up soon. A girl can dream. Opening nights are pretty much as close as I can get to living that utopia. Usually I stick with bruschetta or maybe a sandwich or salad, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Devour everything in sight.

Boy was I impressed with the appetizer Butcher’s Block charcuterie board. It is quite the spread. There is something to be said about presentation of a dish that can get a person out of their food comfort zone and try something new.

ALL, yes ALL the bruschetta were worth the calories and carbs. I would suggest having the seasonal bruschetta as it is a solid venture. Here are the favorites of the group. Kelly: Roasted Peppers with Goat Cheese, Kathleen: Prosciutto, Figs and Mascarpone Bonnie: Salami with Pesto, Me: Burrata Bacon Arugula and Tomato and Prosciutto, Figs and Mascarpone.

The food is so good there that we may or may not have had to defend our individual board off from a rouge Scavenger. He almost got away with sneaking a piece. Almost.  Word to the wise. Don’t grab something off the table that isn’t yours when two school teachers are standing watch. You will get reprimanded.


Come here for happy hour! It is one of the best happy hours in town, especially for five dollar glasses of wine until 5pm. It’s more of a “Happy Day”. Besides that, if you are not a wine connoisseur like me, the mixologists and bartenders have a wonderful understanding of the pours. They can recommend one that will nine out of 10 times be pleasing to the pallet. That’s a pretty strong guarantee that wine is a serious thing at Postino Highland.


Go to Postino. I’m not always a bossy pants, but when I am, its for a good reason. Sit outside. Order delicious food. Sip a glass of wine or the Cucumber Honey Lemonade. My absolute favorite drink of all time. Chat with friends or make new ones. Break bread that will leave you satisfied. Postino Highland is a good stop.


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