How to Calm Static Hair – Life Hack

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Beauty

Oh static hair. There really isn’t a definite rhyme or reason for when frizzy attacks. A lack of moisture among hair strands is the start of dry hair rubbing against dry hair, creating static electricity. Frizzy hair can flare up in excessively dry environments, like a desert, or environments full of humidity. Moisturizing sprays can help de-tangle the hair and lessen the static vibe. However, unless beach tossed mermaid hair is the ideal look, spray can only go so far.  After exhausting every mouse, spritz, gel and cream in my arsenal of hair products I was desperate for a solution. Well, if it works for sheets it will work with hair. Calm frizzy, static hair with dryer sheets.

First, invest in a good brand of dryer sheets that smell nice. To start, brush dry hair normally to get the tangles out. Take a sheet and extend it fully.  Separate hair section by section and pull through hair. Starting at the root, grab a section of hair and put it between the sheet. Next, pull down toward the end. Take a small fist full size of hair to ensure as much hair as possible touches the sheet. Repeat this until all of the sections have passed through a sheet. Finally, I take three sections in between the sheet to make sure my hair lays correctly. After the once over, all the static should be gone.

For every day use, set a sheet on top of a brush and poke the bristles through. This is easier said that done. Starting with the outside and working in is the easiest way to poke holes. Continue section by section. It takes a bit to poke holes through the sheet. Using resistance helps out. Once the brush has the sheet attached, comb hair like normal and the sheet will go where the brush goes. The sheet has about 5 uses in it before not doing too much.  Buying a box of sheets in bulk is a great idea, but the sheets themselves have a long shelf life. Word to the wise. Make sure both hands and hair dry before using. Water on dryer sheets produces a soapy film that does not look great in hair. Enjoy static free hair in no time!