I’ve had an agent for four years now and the public as has not seen any of my work! Oh I’ve done at least a handful of jobs every year, but none of them are shown to the masses. Some made their way to students who watch educational lessons I’m in. Or employees of a certain company see my acting chops in their training video. But oddly, most are scrapped on the cutting room floor. Not only my part, although I hoped to see my face in one commercial recently and saw the back of my head, but the project never makes it to air or print. Until now!!!!!!!!!! wait I need a few more !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valley Metro has me in their ad campaign! The shoot took place last year. It was a BIG gig for me to book. There are multiple versions of the campaign so it was a guessing game as to who would be where and when. We were told there were a variety of display options over a long time span. No start time, which is common, and certainly nothing was set in stone. But it all came together!

Arriving the day of I was under the impression I would be a business woman. It is common for that to be my role. I think because I’m wearing a blazer in my head shot casting directors see me leading a boardroom discussion or hustling to catch a flight to Japan because my firm booked their biggest client to date. I’ve only done the first one.:)

My suitcase was filled with shoes and jewelry and my over stuffed garment bags were packed with business like attire. After setting up all my belongings, a quarter of my closet, I was ready to have the stylist decide if anything fit her liking. Nope. A few days prior, my look was changed to a bohemian girl who loves Pinterest. My first reaction was along the lines of, “Had I known about this I would have brought different things and definitely not packed this much.” Once my normal, “huff and puff” gut reaction made its way out, I realized this was for the best. Bohemian Pinterest Lady. All things very much in my wheel house.

Five different outfits later, some skirts were a little short when I sat down, and settling on the perfect boho braid, we were ready to shoot. Well almost. Even though I was happy to be there, my pierced ears were not and they decided to go on strike. It took three different people to recreate the pathway through my cartilage. Nothing like trying to look pretty while bleeding.

Its fun to play dress up and pretend to be someone else. Coming up with 300+ combinations of smiling, pressing a screen, reacting to a screen while sitting naturally on the light rail, is a good way to build patience and creative wonder. Once all was said and done, I was high as a kite, not from fumes only glee! Even better was seeing the finished product on Pandora while listening to a Spice Girls station!

Take a look! If you set Pandora to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and allow ads to pop up there is a pretty good chance my ad will show on there too!