Planning a wedding? Pinterest has you covered! Wedding trends, fun fashion, super shopping and awesome food are pinned on Pinterest.

Wedding Trends on Pinterest


Now that there is a ring on it there is also a new name: Feyonce! Former single ladies are stepping up the name power with an ode to queen bee Beyoncé. Shirts, tumblers, tank tops, mugs, crop tops and cut off sweatshirts Feyonce runs the world! Wedding Trends 2016

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Love shopping for stuff and spending no money? Registering for a wedding is fun and easy with Zola because the possibilities are endless. Even better, it all happens in one place. Trips, adventures, excursions are all on the table as possible gifts. Guests can even go in on a gift together, without evening knowing each other. Streamline the registering process with Zola.

DIY Bruschetta Bar

Food Bar

Take a wedding from ho hum to yum with a food bar to satisfy every appetite. Spud bars, coffee bars, s’more bars, waffle bars, doughnut bars, waffle bars and sushi bars. Serve yourself food never tasted and looked so good!