Element Inspired Spa Treatments

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Beauty, Lifestyle

Earth, Water, Heat, Cold, Plant and Stone – Mother Earth Elements raise the spa experience to the next level.
Get back to the basics of Mother Earth with natural element inspired spa treatments! These interesting and dare I say it elemental spa and wellness treatments use Mother Nature to revitalize the human spirit one drop of water at a time. Here are my top finds.

1. Watsu

A combination of Shiatsu and water therapy, Watsu is a gentle, weightless spa treatment. The 90 minute experience takes place in a private pool with one instructor or therapist and one client. Gliding threw the water lighter than air, Watsu gradually manipulates the body in relaxing positions. Splashing in at around $255  depending on day at Sanctuary Resort and Spa, the passive form aquatic therapy encourages stress to dive away.

2. Turquoise Wrap 

More the a body wrap, the Turquoise Wrap wellness experience uses Mother Earth to brighten the body from the outside in. Taking place at Boulders Resort and Spa in Scottsdale the full body wrap purifies and refines skin. For 80 minutes the body is pampered with a Desert Salt exfoliation and wrapped soothingly in turquoise clay. Washing away the elements skin is revealed to be in sweet harmony with Mother Earth.

3. True Rest Float Spa 

What’s it like to not have the weight of the world on your shoulders? A 60 minute session at True Rest Float Spa can let you know! At $59 for the first float the isolated and meditative experience lets salt and water work their magic for a lighter than air sensation. Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy means an individual capsule filled with 1000 pounds of salt in 180 gallons of water creating a 30% salt solution. Relaxation combined with increased circulation are a floating win. Float Therapy | True Rest


Prepare to FREEZE! Cryotherapy lasts three minutes and boy is it cold. Wearing, undergarments, socks with crocks and mittens the body is in a chamber set at as low as -120 Celsius or -184 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezing temperature encourages the body to pump more blood, improving blood circulation. The experience ensures adequate delivery of nutrients to bodily tissues. A feeling of euphoria comes over the body as things are in optimal working order. The first experience is tough, but it gets easier as you warm up to the idea. hahah. (consult with physician before beginning)

Citrus Ritual 

An upgrade from the everyday massages, the Citrus Ritual is a full blown experience. Earth, Water and Fire all in one! Head to the Alvadora Spa at the Royal Palms for the 80 minute session. Be slathered, scrubbed and buffed with a full body exfoliation. This takes place on heated stone tables because why not? To wash away the earth elements, water gently cascades from above. Hot and cold. Multiple elements. This spa treatment has it all. Scottsdale Spa Menu  | Royal Palms Hotel