I think Pinterest really captures the essence of “Everything old is new again.”

I am sure I am not alone in the thought process that Olive Oil was strictly for cooking. With the help of Pinterest however, I have come to see it in a new light. Please enjoy these two step Do It Yourself Pinterest Pins utilizing Olive Oil in a new way.

Olive Oil Pins

Scalp Treatment

If you live in a place that has an air conditioner chances are you might have had a dry scalp as one time or another use this pin to get your head in the game again.

Wood Polish

Yellow Lemon Juice mixed with golden Olive Oil works to clean wooden furniture and utensils in your home. The lemon cuts dirty and grim and the oil locks moisture back in to prevent cracking.

Supple Skin

Olive Oil has an active ingredient that locks in moisture. Combine it with exfoliating salt for a scrub that makes skin smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Makeup Remover

Invite two guests to a night time beauty party. Olive Oil and Filtered Water. Their strengths together create a glorious beauty routine fit for slumber.

Brush Cleaner

Take equal parts Olive Oil and Organic Castile Soap and create a natural makeup brush cleaner. For good measure and to help avoid eye infections clean your brushes once a month.

Leather Lotion

Get out the White Vinegar and pour in some Olive Oil for a natural Leather buffer. Works on couches and shoes alike.