Yeah Beach Party!!! I LOVE the beach! So much so that every time I visit a place that has a beach within two hours of my starting point you can bet we are going. Being at the beach with the sound of gentle waves crashing to their own rhythm and the faint scent of sea air I am unequivocally happy.

Fruit, sweets, serving and safety combine for an excellent Beach Party! Hopefully you can enjoy these pins and their Beach Party Pinspiration!

Party Pails

This is the pin that started it all! Why keep with the same old Tupperware when you can serve food and get ideas for your sand castle? Pails and shovels come in all sorts and sizes and colors. Cut your budget at $2 a pail. Smaller ones are a dollar! A few came with shovels to match so that was super sweet! TV Trick. An entire bag of chips does not take up the pail. Crumple 3 paper towels and loosely put them in the bottom. I had to do this with every pail!

Sand Dollar Cookies

These were really fun to make and they came out great! The pin gives a homemade cookie dough recipe, but I have to say the Betty Crocker cookies in a bag recipe was MUCH easier. The blogger suggests leaving the cookies in the fridge for about 10 minutes to set the dough and that did help. So doing these was easy and delightful.

Towel Table Cloth

There was no pin for this one! I came up with the idea all on my own! Use bright towels or ones that look good with your color scheme! I tuned them horizontally, but if you are using a few with different weights and finishes they can add texture and depth to your display.

Beach Ball Fruit Platter

OK So I really changed the pin here. They make a dessert and… that wasn’t for me. So I took a circular tray I had as a base instead of a cookie. Created a concoction that was one yoplait peach yogurt and 5 table spoons of Lemon Curd I had from a previous pin. Lined my platter with saran wrap and then spooned the mixture on the bottom so the fruit would stick. My mother drew the ball image on the platter and then we set the fruit! Super simple!

Insulated Bag

When you have all the stuff how do you keep it cool? The insulated bag of course!!! The one I have has two compartments. I throw in everything so I can carry it and nothing melts.

Drunken Melon

Man what a great name! Thank goodness for my mother and her expert melon balling skills!  This takes time… and time….and more time…I used 5 melons and we had barely 5+ cups of fruit. For my recipe I choose 3/4 cup raspberry Stoli Vodka and 1/4 Cup Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum. Truth be told I was a Bacardi girl back in the day so it holds a special place in my heart. Feel free to freeze these balls and use when you want to!

Sunscreen Station

It seems that every time I go to the beach there is someone who forgets their sunscreen. The sunscreen station puts everything in one place making sunscreen easy to find. Mix up your screens to include everything from 15 to 50 and don’t forget the tanning lotion. Bug Spray, hydrating rose water and SPF 15 chapstick are also great things to include.