Add finesse to any kitchen sink with the Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser. Upgrade to a luxurious wine bottle soap dispenser. It’s incredibly easy darling.

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser Supplies

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

An easy and elegant upgrade to doing the dishes!


Empty a bottle of wine that fits the desired decor theme of the sink. I would suggest inviting friends over for a drink to empty the bottle in one sitting. Clean the bottle with soap and water and let it dry. Remove the upper labeling if there is any. For sparking, champagne, prossecco and rose there is usually a label at the top that assists in holding the cork in. Fill the bottle 1/3 of the way with water. Add dish soap to the water in the bottle and fill up to the top with one inch remaining clear from the top. Insert bottle spout and make sure it is secure. Flip over and pour out the soap in style!


Use spout with metal top and metal tube. They work MUCH better than 100% plastic. The plastic is OK for wine and temporary things, but not great for heavier liquids and permanent fixtures. Remove dish soap top completely when filling bottle. using the cap it takes too long to fill.