Since 1870 Vaseline has been healing dry skin.

Vaseline Beauty Routine


Its one-of- a-kind triple purification process generates a strong method for locking in moisture. Originally called “Wonder Jelly” Vaseline has been used to treat wounded soldiers in two world wars and is still used today in almost every country in the world. It’s unique properties can be used in a variety of ways for beautification and here are my top Pinterest picks.


Place a small swipe of Vaseline on areas where you spray perfume. Spritz a favorite scent on the those regions and the scent will last throughout the day.

Earring Slider

I use this ALL the time. If earrings are not going in easily Vaseline can help. Put a little jelly on the post in the back. Slide the earrings in because now they are lubricated and ready to wear!

Creative Cosmetics

If you need the perfect makeup cream Vaseline is the answer. Combine the powder cosmetic with a small amount of Vaseline. Mix together the two and out comes a custom shade that glides on the skin and will last all day!

Hair Styling

Put a small dollop of Vaseline in the fingers and rub into hair for long lasting hold that moisturizes.

Natural Highlighter

Take a pea sized amount of Vaseline and dab gentle on cheek bones. The jelly’s properties create a natural highlighter that gives off s subtle glow and is great for the skin.

Lip Therapy

Every night I use Vaseline as Lip therapy. I use the Vaseline Brand Lip Therapy before I go to bed. When I wake up my lips are NOT chapped. I live in the desert where the heat is dry and this is the only thing that works. Also, use the jelly to combat an overzealous exfoliator that took some lip skin off.