Trends come and go, but boy do I love seeing what is out there! Here are a few top trends. Weigh in on my facebook page!

Man Braids: Guys and gals went CRAZY last year when a man had all his hair up in a bun! The time a little cousin braided a guy’s hair for fun is now a acceptable boy braid. Celebrities with longer locks are weaving hair left and right!
Waist Trainer: The Kardashian clan love a skinny waist. With the need for a quick slimming fix, the waist trainer is a hot commodity. Boyish figure to curvy girl this controversial contraption is all the rage.
Hybrid Foods: People stand in line for the best food in town. Is a Cronut worth the wait? Croissant and doughnut combo promises to be the best of both words. Tangellos are a cross of Oranges and Tangerines. Waffle Tacos are folded breakfast food and Wachos are a crazy combination of waffle cut fries smothered in tradition nacho toppings. Simple food from the ground just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Sheer Pantyhose. A former staple of the 50’s house wife, then 90’s working woman sheer pantyhose are making another comeback! Kate Middelton slips them on for a flawless look, but are they worth it?
Cat Videos: The trend of watching feline films online has yet to be clawed. Meow movies entertain thousands of cat lovers everyday having created the scardy cat phenomenon and keeping global star Grumpy Cat in high demand. With millions of views, it seems that cat videos leave audiences purring for more.