Green or Yellow, Firm or Soft, Here’s at Tip for Keeping the Perfect Banana Perfect 

Picking produce is all about timing and a bit a luck. here’s a Pinterest tip for those who find bananas to be quite appealing.
An entire bunch of Bananas rarely gets eaten in my house. The main reason is that I have this sensitivity to them where if I eat more than one at a time, my throat starts to tingle. Needless to say, buying five at a time doesn’t really work for me! Ha! The bright side is that I can out them in the freezer for later to make banana bread or make banana bread that week. Either way, I need their freshness to be extended as long as possible. When I came across this trick on Pinterest I know I can struck gold if it worked. Low and behold it did! As the pinterest interest gal I had no choice, but to spread the word on this banana trick!
Breaking it down. A banana maintains its freshness by keeping together with the bunch. Once it leaves the group, the quality dwindles and the aging process begins to accelerate. Why?  Ethylene gas, produced naturally in the ripening fruits including bananas, starts to release once a stem is torn from the bunch. As the gas reaches other parts of the fruit it begins to prematurely rip. What we see if a chemical reaction of green, to yellow to brown.
Extend the freshness by covering the top of the banana with plastic wrap. Any brand will do. The material acts as a bunch replacement. Wrapping it tightly keeps the natural gases in the banana from escaping and being exposed to the air. In stores the entire bunch is wrapped once it is removed from the tree. At home, wrap the bananas individually. Re-wrap the bunch each time one banana is peeled away from the bunch. THAT was a solid joke. Get it… PEELED away.
Now the banana saved for topping tomorrow’s oatmeal will be just as fresh as the one used in a smoothie today.