What makes good teacher gifts?

I asked a few of my educator friends and family, thanks Mom and Kathleen, and guidelines for getting a gift are as follows:

1.    Make it something they can use. If your teacher never passes out candy to the kids, don’t get them candy.
2.    All show and no substance is not good for anyone. Kathleen got a HUGE monster of a gift that in no way she can ever use, except to re-gift it to someone else. Yikes.
3.    GIFTCARDS are a teacher’s dream. They all love personalizing their classroom or life in general. Shopping is fun for a teacher.
4.    Try to stay away from baked goods. This point was made VERY CLEAR in a handful of blogs. The last thing a teacher wants to do is get 20 sets of two dozen cookies/brownies/bars/cupcakes. Dry mixes are the way to go if you want to do food.
5.    Class gifts are really awesome. Getting everyone together signifies that village supports the teacher and the love is abundant!

Teacher Gift Pins

Mason Jars

Never did I ever think the mason jar was going to save me! I bought a pack of 12 for 40% off and they have come in handy! I also loved added a pop of color to the lid by putting a muffin cup between the lid and the seal.

Teacher Tumbler

This gift is so versatile I love it! I am obsessed with the peach iced tea so you can bet there are a ton of those “add to water” packets in my house. Re-useable ice cubes or whiskey stones would be perfect in these as well.

Foot Soak

Teachers stand A LOT during the day. Keep their feet rejuvenated with this easy to make and serene smelling gift. Side Note: Going with the “Spa Basket” this year? Include this bad boy! The bottle I used was from Michael’s.

Top of the Charts

Any gift with the word “chart” in it, is made for Mr. Math or Mrs. Science! Great for the K-6 teachers that teach it all!

Target Gift Card

Who doesn’t shop at target? This one can be dressed up if need be, but fabulous by itself.


COLORS! My collection of sharpies is vast because my use of sharpies is vast. Give the gift of permanent color!

Creative Juices

So cute! Love the tumblers. I use one almost every day. Opt for real juice instead of a gift card so they actually use this tumbler.

Going Nuts

If your teacher has a good since of humor this is the gift for them. I enlisted my mother to make this! SO SIMPLE!!! She loved finding cute designs and using the new etching cream. Picked up my heavy glass glasses at the 99 Cents Store. Set of 12 brushes to paint the design was was there to!

Thanks a Latte

Never get tired of this one! LOVE the reused cup protector. ALSO love that it is for any coffee shop.

Teacher Gift Cards

SUPER Easy. I love that you can still buy a gift card that is personal with these cards.