Add a little kick to life.

One word I don’t ever want to have describe my life is dull. That’s why I wanted to do a a Pinterest segment called Spice Up Your Life. Vodka, tea cups, peppers, cinnamon, and olive oil all can be used to Spice Up Your Life!

Here are my top picks to add a little kick and spice up your life.

Tips to Spice up Your Life

Indoor Herb Garden

It nice to have a little green in the home scene and a herb garden is both practical and decorative. Spice up the pots by putting the herbs in tea and coffee saucers and cups. SO SIMPLE and adds a pop to any room.

Infused Olive Oil

This is quite  time consuming. I pinned a recipe, but I LOVE the meyer lemon infused olive oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill. I drizzled this combo along with rosemary on top of crustinis and used those as a base for bruschetta. It was DELICIOUS.

Spice chart

Adding a bit of heat to a recipe in your cookbook is pretty fun. Sometimes attempting a new twist on a classic can create a new staple in your cookbook! Use a spice chart to see what pepper is perfect!


Take Vodka to the next level! This Italian liquor is easy to make. Infuse Vodka, I choose cucumber vodka, with lemon peels and combine with a simple syrup mixture. Light and refreshing and surprisingly strong.

Warm Potpourie

So easy and it makes any season smell delightful. Depending on the time of year, simmer spices on the stove top. Use water as a base and combine spices to create an aroma that will put a smile on your face.

Spice Girls CD

Any and all songs are great to spice up your workout!