Ahoy maties!

Throwing a nautical party can seem like a deep sea dive into uncharted waters. To make things easier here are a few simple nautical snacks to make throwing a seaside shin dig smooth sailing. These tips for a nautical themed party include a printable, food, games and take-homes all inspired by Pinterest.

Chips Ahoy

Places various flavors of the classic cookie in a jar and set up a name card. I used a candle tumbler I had that was the correct diameter. Make sure the glass is clear so guests can see the cookies inside. Chips Ahoy classic and Chips Ahoy Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip were my sweets of choice.

Ship Rope Nautical Snack

Ship Rope

Keep things together with Ship Rope. I used a standard 14oz clear glass jar to hold the rope. For a more complex version of this consider tying flexible candy stings into boat knots. That would really play up the nautical theme and look really impressive to guests. Although it would be more time consuming it would add an impressive element to the look.

Guess the Fish Game

Guess the Fish

Easiest game Ever! Put Swedish fish in a bottle and make it a game. This craft gives party guests an activity to do at the start. Before guests leave the person who was closest to the number without going over is the winner! Easy to do and what a simple and sweet prize for one lucky sailor!

Free Nautical Printable

FREE Printable

Everything ties together with a printable. This ocean inspired set includes table cards, thank you cards, would be stickers and even a banner. The bold colors and versatile patter provides a well rounded packet of useful paper.

Ocean Water Nautical Snack

Ocean Water

Becoming thirsty at a nautical is guarantee. Offer guests refreshing Sea water to take the edge off. Adding a couple of drops of blue food coloring to water or lemonade is the easiest way to make a statement. Blue jello can be used too! Creating a blueberry syrup is a natural way to add color. If its adult drink be creative! For the finishing touch decorate jars with twine and a lifesaver!

Take Home Tackle Box

Take Home Tackle Box

The most impressive part of the party will be the take home tackle box! On the pin there is red twine and a red sinker tied to the tackle box. So cute. I found my mini boxes at Michaels. They were about 4 dollars and I had to use a coupon so this is the most expensive party element. The bait or candy came from searching a few stores and seeing what was available. Safeway I will say has the most varied selection as far as grocery stores are concerned. Cost Plus World Market, It’s Sugar or other boutique style stores has a wider nautical selection.

Life Saver Nautical Snack

Live Savers

This will save guests from bad breath! A cute take home or after food snack the life savers are simple to set up. A clear container is a must for this as guests need to make the play on words connection between the snack and the printable. Whatever container that can be filled to the brim is a good choice.

Oyster Cookies Nautical Snack

Oyster Cookies

#AphroditeVibes Glamour and easy to make. For the show I put blue frosting from a can in between two lemon cookies. First. I don’t like frosting but it is such a small amount that I would like this combo. Second. Did you know that the bakery at the grocery store SELLS their extra frosting? Kyle Unfug or John Jay and Rich and Your Life A to Z let me in on that secret. Third. Any light cookie will do. I was looking for a pattered cookie to keep the oyster feel. These lemon ones are Pepperidge farm. Shortbread cookies would be a great cookie to use too. Pearls can be purchased at a store with a baking isle. I will say only found the large pearls in the bridal section of Michaels and they were sold in a giant package. Opting for the smaller ones seemed like the best idea. My favorite part of the entire project was assembling the cookies. Offsetting the cookies to make the “oyster” look open was fun because each one could be unique. One could be a single pear while the next a multitude of pearls. Great stuff all around.