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Creating a sassy sip adds a pop your drink, drink-ware, or drink themed gift. Mason Jar cocktails, a drink for every party and a book that you can cheers to! Decorative drink-ware, gifts with a drink theme, recipes for sassy libations are all on Pinterest.

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Spirits

Magic Mules

The Moscow Mule is making its way to the drink forefront copper mug and all. Here are three different recipes that are still as tasty with twist.

Personalized Wine Glasses

I gave these glasses as a gift and they were a hit. Buy a pack of 12 and use glass pens to bake a design all your own on the glass. FOLLOW the directions and make sure to invest in glass pens that are all the same brand. I would suggest having an artist friend do this if penmanship is not your forte. A big THANKS to Alyssa Bird from Regenerous Designs who hand painted these gorgeous glasses!

Decorative Drink-ware

Use frosting or flavored sauce to create an impressive drink. Colored gel frosting in fun design is a easy way to be creative with a kids drink. Take a decadent adult drink to the next level by adding a drizzle of chocolate or caramel to the cup. REMEMBER add the decorative elements to the inside of the glass so fingers remain sticky free. Colored sugar is also a simple way to make a memorable drink with lots of personality.

Cucumber Honey Lemonade

That’s right! An earthy and refreshing addition to traditional lemonade, the cucumber honey combo is heaven in a glass. Step this up to a adult approved cocktail by adding cucumber vodka. Yummmmy!

You Deserve a Drink

Written by YouTube sensation Mamrie Hart this book takes it name from Mamrie’s YouTube Show with the same name. She adds humorous stories along with drink recipes that any cocktail love is sure to enjoy.