Stay in Style with these Packing tips

TicTac holder: find Bobby pins! Empty out the TicTac container and put the mints somewhere else. Add Bobby pins. Magic place that takes up almost no room and will save you from digging around to never find a pin when you need it most!

Pillow case: ensure that breakouts or rashes do not show up on a trip. Not only do you know exactly where your pillow case was last night you also have a little bit of home which makes for a comfy sleep.

Accessories: keep jewelry straight by threading an end through half a straw. Put small items like rings and earrings in a see through bag that can be tied tight. Place all the goodies in the same bag every time so you know exactly where to find just what you need for the perfect look.

Shower Cap: place a shower cap over shoes and separate the bottom sole from clothes to ensure no dirt transfer from shoes to clothes.

Plastic bag: be prepared for anything! Hanging out late by the pool? Slip a wet swim suit in to a plastic bag and tie tight to keep dry. It also comes in handy for impromptu shopping trips!

Full size hand mirror: mirror space is prime real estate. Location location location rings true so bring a mirror to the best light.