The party don’t start till I walk in and everyone knows the real party begins at the after party. “After party at my house” is a wonderful phrase that anyone should be able to say. I can tell you that I’ve hosted less than five actual parties, but plenty of after parties. Here are must have items to keep the party going at a moments notice.

Mac and Cheese and Pizza
Food can keep a party going. The menu options must come together quickly so the energy doesn’t die down. I suggest having mac and cheese and frozen pizza on hand at all times. Mac and Cheese is liked by the masses and takes under 15 minutes to prepare. Kraft Mac and Cheese is yummy and Cracker Barrel is a solid choice too. A little goes a long way as each guest only needs a scoop or two for a quick fix. There is also room to upgrade box Mac and Cheese. Add ham and tomatoes or extra cheese or even sprinkle a few bread crumbs on top. Gourmet in minutes. For frozen pizza I have two staples in my freezer. Margarita Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen bake up perfect every time. The crust of these I think is the best as its got a little crunch and breaks easy. Yum and Yum.
Snacks on Snacks on Snacks
After a long day partying it up, there might come a time when people need a little something to munch on. Enter Snacks! I discovered a party pack of chips is the perfect solution. They have individual bags in one bag and the options are endless. Lays has a party pack on sale once a month and its a steal of a deal. I would make sure to get the largest variety as possible. If the group loves Sour Cream and Onion or Fire Cheetos, its a solid choice to make sure those are included. Healthy options are also available in the snack section such as popcorn or nuts. Veggie chips, mixed nuts, trail mix, beer nut mix, chex mix are all snack-tacular too. Having something to nibble on makes a snacking after party the place to be.
Drinks to Please a Crowd
A host in good taste has to have something for everyone when it comes to quenching thirst. On hand I have a white and a red wine and a beer option. Something for everyone. Ruffino Lumina Pino Grigio is a lovely white, Apothitic Red is a velvety, well rounded red blend. For beer selection I like providing a Belgian Wheat that most guests enjoy like Shock Top and for myself I pop open local Arizona brew Papago Orange Blossom. If you have a usual or regular list of party guests, get what they like.  Aim to make the place feel like “Cheers” where everyone has your drink. I  have LaCroix for my friend Kathleen, Dr. Pepper for her sister Erin, and whiskey because they both like it. When a host has the go-to drink at any time of day, that’s a party worth staying at.
Snuggles and Soft Things
Usually an after party is the result of a need to extend the entertainment of a big event out. Well I can tell you, and many ladies will agree,  that the minute the opportunity arises to change into something more comfortable its on. Enter,  snuggles and soft things. A true reason to stay and keep the party going. On hand I have items to keep my guests comfy. If the night out turns into a movie night in or binge watching marathon, I keep blankets and throws in a basket by my TV. In a drawer I keep lots of cozy sock options and in my closet I have XXL sweat shirts and pants. What makes this even better is that all of the items were frugal finds. I mean my old college sweat shirt and cozy socks that were on clearance can’t be beat. Guests that are comfy stay longer giving the after party “the” party status.
Ready to Play Games
Entertainment is a must for an after party. An easy to assemble and good for players 4 or more game is a dream choice when it comes to an after party fun . Cards Against Humanity is easy to understand only takes a box of cards to play.  That game is only for adults. On my phone I have Heads Up to play at any moment and any place. The premise is to guess the word featured on the screen on the phone which is placed on the forehead of one player. My friends and I love Jackbox.TV games too. One person needs a subscription and the games package, TV and HDMI. Everyone else just needs a phone. There are trivia, drawing and imagination categories. Entertainment can be easy and is a necessity to host a winning after party for the ages.