As the world turns so do the restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It seems like the last five years have brought more tombstones and birth announcements in the food and drink industry than novels about vampires and werewolves combined. If only these establishments could live forever and of course sparkle in the sunlight. Thankfully, I am a frequent recipient of the birth announcements and get to check out new places before they become big or are laid to rest. Bevvy Band

     The Bevvy is an English inspired upscale gastropub located in the Camelback Corridor in Old Town Scottsdale. From the masterminds of RnR, Bottled Blond and The Maya, The Bevvy switches gears from the typical “I came here to be looked at and judged” scene to “I want a fun atmosphere with plenty of seating”crowd.

Pub Atmosphere

I use pub only because the Union Jack is everywhere as are “British” movie clips looped on the “tele”, that’s a television for all you yanks. Bar lighting brightens up the atmosphere instead of pub dimness and there is a standard patio scene that is quite lovely. I am a sucker for comfy couches outside, so a queen’s crown jewel is awarded to The Bevvy for outdoor layout.

Flooring inside is a 100 percent pub. A brilliant hardwood floor cascades on the multilevel inside. A variety of shades are crafted together to give intriguing depth to the overall feel of the place. The floor plan boasts a space for a piano, but it was no where to be seen. Tucked away in the corner is a ticket counter to place bets on the track. My dad would love this as he is a “day at the track” kind of gent.

The Bevvy balances the Arizona restaurant scene need to take advantage of the pleasant weather with their perspective of being a watering hole that lends itself to intimate and cool. “Yeah Baby Yeah”.


For the non-Brits Bevvies are Drinks. A highlight and unique feature, I appreciate that they have put thought into their drink menu. Bevvies at The Bevvy include Cocktails, Mules and Shandies. In our taste test, that’s 6 women at an open bar with a designated driver, 57 Bevvy Cocktail, PEARadise Mule and Winston Shandy were the winners. Best Name was awarded to Blue Balls Mule and Green Is the New Black Bevvy took home most appealing with its Jameson and giant ice ball.

I didn’t even touch on the beer menu that was varied, but sticks with the beer story of its sister hangouts. My obsession with the Schofferhoffer Shandy gets stronger at The Bevvy because they have it on tap. It is a grapefruit infused beer with only 2.5% alcohol. Yes… drinking because of taste instead of getting drunk faster is how I drink these days. The hangover rate is minimal. 🙂


We only had the pretzels and cheese because… it was not free! Kelly, aka Roxy aka my roommate aka the professional insisted we get them. THANK GOODNESS because they were AWESOME! Cheese sauce made with beer? Count me in.

According to the Executive Chef, that’s right I got the details from the top, the best seller is the Rice Bowl. Not Pub Grub. The dish he likes best is the Mussels and Clams. No Pub Grub. There is brunch on the weekends and every option can come with chorizo or salsa. Not Pub Grub. The bites seem to be inspired from across the globe. I gave a line to the Chef that England is a international place and his menu reflected that. He didn’t get it.

The Bevvy Overall

All in all The Bevvy is a place I would go back too. A much needed breath of fresh air, The Bevvy attracts a different kind of traveler and delivers on serving a Bevvy that can’t be beat.