Nate and Jeremiah have a 2019 Spring collection at Living Spaces and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak. The entire collection is effortless. Specifically in a since that chairs can go a with multiple tables, ottomans would look fabulous in either a living room or bedroom and the accents would fit in anywhere.  No matter how the flow, a designer can’t really go wrong. For people who like to change up furniture around in their house, like my mother, this is perfect. When the mood comes to do a little furniture dance, let music play. Needless to say I want everything, but here are a few of my favorite pieces and looks. 

The Gamercy Lift-top Storage Coffee Table.      This table is so cool. It is sleek and modern and totally functional. The top raises up with ease to a level of eating, writing or craft time.  There are hidden drawers on the side so at the end of the day everything can be cleared away, but still have a place. I’ thinking that in the furniture world drawers are the new pockets. 

Galerie Secretary Desk
My mom is obsessed with this. Taking it back old school with this style of writing desk. Perfect for someone who has a little nook the desk has just enough drawers, cubbies and slots to hold everything. The pull out desk top makes writing easy and when the spaces needs to be cleared it folds back up lickety split. The color of the piece would fit in or stand out in any room.
There are so many wonderful options that I couldn’t choose just one and that’s the point of collection. The chair concept I took away from the collection is the “host chair” and “side chair”. There is a traditional way of thinking that all dinner chairs or table chairs must be the same, but the concept of two types of chairs at the same table is lovely.  Life is easy when designers make an entire collection of chairs that are different, but go together.
I want a peaceful, relaxing, calming, environment when I go to sleep and this hits the mark. Being drawn to sit on the bed at first glance the inviting and welcoming vibe makes this my favorite theme overall. The simplistic bed shape with strong support of a wood frame, combined with the mixture of light wood and fabric textures makes this bedroom feel like a cloud. Nothing could be more ideal for hitting the hay.

Nate and Jeremiah for Living Spaces Collection Spring 2019 is in Living Spaces stores now. Associates are more than happy to help everyone pick out what piece is right to a design a home for perfection.