Snack Ideas

Finding the right snack to make can be tough because there are so many options.

When deciding what to serve the best advice I can give is to know your audience. From after school, to shareable, to satisfying here are a few snazzy snacks to choose from.

Mini Taco Bowls

The perfect tiny, satisfying snack the mini taco delivers. Using  tortillas cut into circles that fit inside a muffin mold. Bake the tortilla to create little bowls. Fill with traditional taco fillings. Done and yum!

Apple Chips

An after school snack that needs to be made. Slice apples. spread with almond butter top with goodies that are in the pantry. Great source of protein and it’s pretty sweet too!

Cheezy Pull-Apart Bread

Pull apart bread – this was really cool. Buy artisan bread and slice it up. stuff it with goodies. Bake it all together. Pull it apart . Delicious and shareable.

Baked Brie

Ok I didn’t make it. But it comes from my trusted co-worker who swears by it and it is apparently the number one thing that goes at a party. The pictures look fantastic and if you have a big party to go to, Costco sells a huge and delicious brie round.