It’s full of sugar, yet sour to the taste.  The zest and juice can last for days. Cleaning, cooking, baking and power. It uses can go on for hours. It is the Lemon!

This was a really fun segment to put together. I LOVE the scent of the lemon best and finding about all its uses was zesty. I was juiced to see that it really is as versatile as those wives tales would have you believe. Single gals like myself are always weary of wives tales. My favorite pin turned out to be the dessert pin (who would have thought right?) because most lemon desserts are either WAY too tart or have so much sugar in them I can feel my teeth dissolving. These Lemon blondies, however, were delicious and had just the right balance of pucker lips and sweet lips. Yum! Please enjoy my top Pins that use lemons!

Use lemons for Cleaning


Say goodbye to this mess! Cut a lemon in half and add 1 tablespoon of water in a microwave safe container. Heat up for two minutes. Take the steam citrus out and wipe away the grim.


1 part lemon juice 1 part water = 1 miracle cleaner! Mirror, counter tops you name it lemon and clean it!

Lemon rub

Rub lemon on faucets, shower heads and handles to remove soap scum! I know, I was just as impressed, as you will be!

Smell it baby yeah

Lovely Lemon Home

Add lemons, cut up into pieces, to boiling water. Reduce to simmer and let it go until the aroma fills your home with joy!

Garbage Disposal

Peel a lemon and put the skin in the disposal. Turn it on to clean and sanitize.

Wood for Good

Wooden spoons, mixers and cutting boards are back in action. Rub the lemon directly on the items to remove the smelly and/or sticky mess. Get it clean and smelling right.

Use lemons for Home Remedies

Sore Throat be Gone

Add lemon juice to any tea you may like. Properties in the juice have a calming effect on enflamed areas that need soothing.

Tummy Trouble

A throwback to smelling salts, lemon juice combined with a pinch of sugar creates an aroma that will un-tie the knot in your stomach.

Use lemons for Beautification

Nail Care

Fresh squeezed lemon juice is great to remove polish stained nails. Soak clean damp nail beds in juice to soften polish and remove completely.

Citrus Skin

Combine Lemon, Sugar and Olive oil to create an exfoliating scrub that hydrates and removes dead skin.