Natural home remedies are a great resource in healing.

Using items that come from the earth allowing the healing process to come full circle.  I  like using them because I usually have them and if I can put something on my body and in my body that doesn’t have any strange side effects I am for sure going that route.

Pins with Home Remedies

Chapped Lips

Olive Oil : Putting olive oil on your lips moistens them and keeps them hydrated the natural way.

Mouth Sores

Mint: Mint has numbing qualities in it so chewing flavored gum or sucking on candy should bring relief to any blisters and sores.

Itchy Skin

Oatmeal: Fill a sock with dry oatmeal. Tie with a rubber band and place the sock in a warm temperature bath. Soak in the bath and feel lasting relief when you dry off.

Tummy Trouble

Burnt Toast – The charcoal from the toast combined with tannic acid in hot tea soaks up toxins and neutralizes an upset stomach.

Tooth Ache

Cloves: Soak a cotton ball in clove extract and place it on the sore tooth. After a few minutes the pain should subside.

Stiff Neck

Ice: Wrap ice or frozen peas in a towel and place behind your neck for 15 – 20 minutes. The ice slows down the throbbing.


Cherries: Sleep pattern inducing element melatonin can be found in cherries. Eating a handful of the red fruit can induce sleep quicker.

Minor Burns

Tea – Steep a tea bag in water and put in the refrigerator. Soak a towel in the cool tea and place directing on the burn. Phytonutrients in the tea stop irritation of the blood vessels.