What’s Love Got to Pinterest.

Pins that I LOVE!

First Love of Pinterest

Greeting Card Album. This changed my life and allowed me to have a purpose to keeping all those cards in a box! I was saving them to create a book!

Surprising Love

Printable. What did I do before free printables? Probably only buy generic cards and spend hours crafting tedious paper products that never turn out as good as I envisioned them. Use the printables to make life for festive!

Love A Key Word

Mason Jar: Never have I ever seen so many things to do with Mason Jars. If you are looking for a weekend project that has no end type with caution. Go to the top of Pinterest and write “Mason Jars” and press enter. What comes next is a bounty of ideas that will BLOW.YOUR.MIND! Next you will be heading to the nearest dollar store or craft store to buy as many Mason Jars as possible to fill all your craft desires. Caution: Fun does come in jar.

Love of the people

T-shirt Tote Bag. Get a shirt. Cut the ends two inches deep every 1/2 inch. Tie ends together. Cut sleeves to make handles. Turn shirt inside out. Enjoy custom tote bag.

New Love: Challenges

Yep I “challenge” myself all the time. Taking photos, reading books, working on my abs, squatting, writing, thanking, appreciating. Search for “Monthly Challenge” and take on a challenge that is right for you!