Backyard barbecues, so American. Here are the best Pinterest Pins for creating a special get together outside! Some might say they are BarBeCUTE!

BarBeCute Pins!


This one I loved. I bought a huge roll of red and white checkered plastic and it has come in handy countless times. I like that it is versatile, made the ketchup and mustard accents (get them at the 99 cent store) and silverware holders out of it, and I can throw it away when I’m done! Best part… use a handy Micheal’s 40% off coupon and save some dough! Mix that with the printables and Bob’s you uncle!

Gourmet Hot Dog Stand

So cool! Reused a tier I had made from the dollar store bin segment! Stack the pieces of the dogs on different tiers. For the real deal I might put the dogs on one level and the buns on another. Include the larger sides, lettuce, tomato and onion, as well for easy access. I love this ideas because 1. I do not eat hot dogs or any other processed meats. 2. I love veggies 3. I really like all veggie sandwiches that are unique.

Watermelon on a stick

Quick and simple. Cut the watermelon into quarters and then make into nice triangle slices. Take a thick, serrated steak knife and slice the rhine about an inch long. Interest the steak knife safely into the watermelon about three inches. Once all the slices are pre-cut, put the wide ice-cream size sticks into the slices.

Lemon Center Piece

I wish I could have done what the pin said. Instead I sliced up two lemons really thin. mixed them up in the candle holder and added water to see them rise. NEXT TIME I will put cherries on the bottom and then the lemon and added water.


My favorite childhood drink, a Shirley Temple! What I love about this version is the addition of orange juice at the top for effect AND that the cherries really make it look special. For kids keep it clean and for adults mix it up with flavored rum or vodka to make it a Dirty Shirley Spritzer!

Muffin Tray Sides

Why I didn’t think of this first I don’t know! The clean up was minimal and the presentation was cool! The sides I used were; ranch, salsa, Frito’s, cocktail sauce, green bell pepper, steak sauce, cheese, roasted bell pepper, barbecue sauce and pickles! Possible side options have no limit!

Waffle S'mores

Love this! For added pizzazz I put the fillings into mason jars. Stuff the waffle cones with the goodies. Wrap the entire cone in foil. Put on medium heat grill for 5 minutes, unwrap the opening of the cone only and let marshmallows toast for 3 minutes or until brown. Eat and enjoy!