Vine &  Hops Happy Hour

All aboard the Arizona Happy Hour Express! First stop…Vine & Hops!

The Place: Tucked away just a bit off the street with no other bars in sight, Vine & Hops is a place to escape and unwind. An intimate setting, there are less than ten 2 tops and a nice long bar to pull up a seat. Just off the bar is a room with two communal tables and a dart board. Having a separate area for groups to have fun without impeding on the vibe of couples is a best of both worlds situation. Its a hoppy place for the intimate talk or a group gathering.

What’s good: Wine flights for $15 are worth it. I had the Rose flight and all my pours were really tasty. With a variety of craft beers on tap, everyone was able to find something they liked. For those who like to play a little Russian Beer Routlette, there are interesting craft brews that may or may not be worth it. Bonus, the bar staff is really friendly and they take instagram worth pictures and video.

Highlights: Games. Dart board on the wall is a nice touch and an excellent conversation starter. They have a ton of other games as well including a game all about Saved By the Bell. 

Drinks: There is a rotating selection of brews on tap including ales, IPA’s and stouts. Bottles and cans, meads and ciders are all on the menu. Wines include: sparking, dessert, chardonnay,sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot and rose. 

Eats: They have shareable options of nibbles and platters, sandwiches and on Saturday and Sunday they have brunch options of bagels. Pricing seems to be fairly modest. Ordering nibbles, one of my favorite words, or platters would be well worth it.

Happy Hour Times and Specials

Monday and Tuesday: All Day
Wednesday and Thursday: 12-6
Friday: 4-6

$4 pints and $5 beer flights

Featured wine selections $2 off per glass

Vine & Hops
4216 North Brown Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251